Tracking the start­up to the Global 1000, the potential to the existing market, the seed round to M&A, the SmallSat to the reusable launch vehicle, the West to the East. NSG is your comprehensive source on the NewSpace industry.

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What is NewSpace?

NewSpace is a global industry of private companies and entrepreneurs who primarily target commercial customers, are backed by risk capital seeking a return, and seek to profit from innovative products or services developed in or for space.

Today, the “great innovation economy” of NewSpace is composed of nearly 1,000 companies worldwide. What was once dominated by few players is today an incredibly diverse ecosystem in terms of company sizes, business models and geographic locations. As with any great innovation economy -- e.g. aviation, automotive, the PC, biotech, the Internet, and social networking -- humble beginnings often lead to integration with nearly every aspect of contemporary society.

Why is the NewSpace industry important?

From garage and university-­born start­ups to Global 1000s, the number of companies targeting growth around the commercialization of space increases almost daily.

Today, the smart decision makers -- including seasoned executives, university officials, heads of state, market analysts and finance professionals -- understand the commercialization of space is not just "the future," it is happening now. They also know they must be informed to capitalize on the growing number of opportunities. As recent history shows us, to study a great innovation economy like the NewSpace industry even in its nascency is an investment worth making.

What is NewSpace Global and whom does it help?

When NSG launched in 2011, we were the first information provider to focus exclusively on the NewSpace industry.

At that time we analyzed approximately 125 companies. Today, our group of analysts, researchers and content providers track nearly 1,000 companies. While we focus on analysis at the individual company level, we also forecast macro­industry shifts, market and sub­sector trends.

To provide critical, timely, accurate information to our customers, NSG has recruited a talented and dedicated group of working professionals. Our efficient staff leverages collaboration tools to increase internal efficiencies and reduce the extraordinarily high costs typically associated with custom research.

How does NSG help its subscribers?

To shape organizational direction, NSG subscribers capture key insights from products like the NewSpace Global 2015 SmallSat Report. ­
To learn about hundreds of ventures competing to commercialize space, NSG subscribers use products like the NSG indices. ­
To gain insights into market trends and obtain key projections, NSG subscribers use products like the NewSpace Global 2014 SmallSat Report­
To analyze the viability of a given company or market, NSG subscribers use the Observer portal. ­
To discover new companies and understand the evolution of markets, policies, and technologies, NSG subscribers read NewSpace Watch. ­
NSG subscribers needing to understand where private capital is flowing use products like the NewSpace Global 2015 Investor Report.
NSG subscribers gain insights directly from industry leaders through our exclusive Thruster interviews.
To improve the depth of one’s research, NSG subscribers access nearly 25,000 articles on NewSpace Watch

Customer Testimonials

I have found that NewSpace Global's news and information is well-focused on the entrepreneurial aspects of the space business and provides a unique perspective not found elsewhere. The 2015 Small Satellite Report is a useful reference for background on NewSpace players.

Kathy Shockey

Vice President, Business Development, Space Systems Loral

I couldn’t do my job without it.  NewSpace Watch. The website is constantly updated so I can read about what’s happening first. The value is not just in the timely news.  Knowing all the players, who is real and who just has a good idea is critical.

­Richard Pournelle

Senior Vice President of Business Development, Nanoracks

Our Commercial Space Operations undergraduate program at Embry-Riddle was developed with the assistance of the commercial space industry, and continues to benefit from their participation. One of the greatest assets we have is the comprehensive coverage of that industry in NewSpace Global’s publications and products. Their data and resources are used in most, if not all, of our CSO core courses.

Lance Erickson, Ph. D.

Program Coordinator, Commercial Space Operations, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

NewSpace Watch is my main daily source of space news. I love the breadth of coverage from space policy to university programs to up-and-coming technologies. Some of my particular favorite features are the industry overviews and resources - I nicknamed the bookmark to the archive page ‘gold mine.’ NewSpace Global is one of a kind and has the most in-depth knowledge of the entire industry I’ve found.

Natalya Brikner

CEO, Accion Space Systems

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