World View to attempt high-altitude Stratollite flight again

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June 28, 2017

World View will try again early Thursday morning to launch their Stratollite high-altitude long-duration balloon platform. The flight is sponsored by KFC:

Another quick update for those interested in watching the live broadcast of our upcoming Stratollite launch. Weather conditions have created a nice launch window opening tomorrow and spanning the next few days, so we are officially a GO for a launch attempt early tomorrow morning (Thursday, 6/29).

Our friends at KFC are still preparing to operate the live broadcast feed and narration, so this should be interesting and fun. Again, enjoy it and take the commentary with a grain of salt! It’s a great opportunity for you to witness our launch operation.

The final timing for launch is TBD, but KFC’s live broadcast of the event will start at 5:00am PT (8:00am ET.) Keep an eye on our facebook and twitter pages for real-time updates on launch timing.

And, once again, here’s the URL where KFC will be hosting the live broadcast feed:


– Jane Poynter

CEO, World View

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