Video: Bezos to increase contributions to Blue Origin + Optimum in-space colony

September 13, 2018
NewSpace Watch
September 13, 2018

Jeff Bezos is interviewed at the Economic Club of Washington on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018. An interesting comment – Tom Risen on Twitter:

“In 2019 @JeffBezos says he will increase his annual personal contribution for the first time to @BlueOrigin to build reusable space vehicles. He tells #EconClubDC about preventing a stagnant human civilization by expanding “a trillion humans” across space colonies.”

Here is the video of the on-stage interview. [Comments on Blue Origin start at around 56:00]:

In-space colonies are clearly a primary long term goal for Bezos. Here is a paper about what size such habitats should be: Optimal Size for Space Settlements: New in the NSS Space Settlement Journal – National Space Society.

More papers on space colonies: NSS Space Settlement Jounel – National Space Society.

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