SpaceX: Video of recent booster work on Cape + S. Texas facility update + Improving the fairing catcher

September 25, 2018
NewSpace Watch
September 25, 2018

A compilation of video of Cape activities involving (mostly) the SpaceX booster B1049 used for the Telstar-18 launch:

Activity at the launch facility at Boca Chico Beach near Brownsville, Texas appears to be ramping up at last: SpaceX ramps South Texas activity to prepare for 2019 BFR spaceship testing – Teslarati .

At the same time as the hardware for SpaceX’s first BFR spaceship is entering the early stages of manufacturing, the company’s South Texas test facility is slowly taking shape after more than 18 months of what can be fairly described as hibernation.

The likeliest location for a near-future spaceship test stand or pad has also experienced a comparatively vast influx of construction workers and general activity that began earlier this month September, nearly two and half years after SpaceX began preparing the unstable coastal wetland with the addition of several hundred tons of soil.

More testing to find better ways to catch the Falcon 9 fairings: SpaceX techs work towards Falcon 9 fairing recovery with wacky series of experiments – Teslarati

Over the course of the past week, Teslarati photographer Pauline Acalin has captured a multitude of unusual occurrences at SpaceX’s Port of Los Angeles dock space, each time involving a Falcon fairing recovery vessel like Mr Steven or NRC Quest, a Falcon fairing half (flight-proven or otherwise), and one of several attenuating circumstances.

More likely than not, what appears as a menagerie of weird and disconnected events on the sidelines is actually a reasonably organized leg of a larger program, in this case focused on experimentation and testing to close the fairing recovery loop and secure Mr Steven’s first successful fairing catch.

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