SpaceX: Texas county incentives + Elon, Tesla, SEC, & Shotwell + F1 anniversary + Lost launch contract + Landing at VAFB + More BFR

September 30, 2018
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September 30, 2018

A small portion of SpaceX’s McGregor, Texas test facility resides within Coryell County, which is offering the company incentives to expand into their county:

The SpaceX rocket testing facility in McGregor extends into Coryell County, and leaders there recently signed off on a package of expansion incentives for the California-based company with designs on manned space flights and trips to Mars.

The 19-page development agreement good for 30 years states Coryell County would provide up to $15 million in grants to SpaceX if the company expands operations in Coryell County. SpaceX would be asked to maintain a payroll of about $2 million for employees now living in the county.

Elon’s settlement with the SEC requires that he give up one of his jobs, i.e. chairman of the board of Tesla. He will continue as Tesla CEO, which some SpaceX supporters were hoping he would give up as well and spend all his time on the space company.

Gwynne Shotwell is there to keep the company on track regardless of Elon’s meanderings: Elon Musk’s Right-Hand Woman Is Steadying Force at SpaceX – WSJ.

The company has come a long way in the 10 years since it first got a payload into orbit: SpaceX restores a Falcon 1 rocket for 10th anniversary of first launch success – Teslarati

To mark that 10th anniversary, SpaceX apparently decided to salvage a mothballed Falcon 1 stored in a junkyard, refurbishing it into something closer to its former self. Although just the first stage and a Merlin 1C engine were present, the company stationed the refurbished Falcon 1 in front the first recovered Falcon 9 booster and gave all employees an opportunity to see the duo over the course of September 28th.

A change of plans at Israel’s Spacecom results in a loss of a launch contract for SpaceX: ​Spacecom cancels Amos-8 contracts with SSL and SpaceX –

Next weekend’s launch of the Argentine SAOCOM 1A satellite from Vandenberg AFB will include a booster landing back at the spaceport for the first time: Here is why the 17th SpaceX launch, set for next weekend, is different from the rest – Daily Breeze

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