SpaceLand: Construction starts at SpaceX Texas spaceport + Commercializing the Shuttle Runway + Space Florida, Pitbull, and tourism

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December 20, 2016

Construction of SpaceX‘s South Texas launch facility at Boca Chica Beach near Brownsville was delayed by about two years due to the need to stabilize the ground with a huge amount of dirt trucked in to provide the base where the pad will be built.

The ground issue appears to be dealt with and construction of buildings for the facility has recently gotten underway: SpaceX Texas launch site Discussion and Updates – Thread 4.

PopMech visits the Cape Canaveral Shuttle Landing Facility, which is now run by Space Florida as a commercial facility and used by Starfighter Aerospace and other companies : The Runway at the Edge of Tomorrow – Popular Mechanics.

A story about a controversial Florida tourism promotional campaign: Pitbull controversy raises concerns at Space Florida | Blogs/Orlando Weekly.

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