Smallsats: Surrey Satellite cuts staff in US + Update on KubOS CubeSat software

July 1, 2017


UK based Surrey Satellite, a pioneering firm in smallsats and now a subsidiary of Airbus, is downsizing its operations at Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC (SST-US) in Denver: SSTL closing US factory, centralizing manufacturing back in UK –

SSTL formed its U.S. subsidiary, Surrey Satellite Technology-US, in 2008, and opened a factory in the Denver suburb of Englewood, Colorado, to specifically focus on the vibrant U.S. small satellite market. At one time, the company had ambitions of growing that office to upwards of 200 people, but growing competition in small satellite manufacturing scuttled those plans.

“There has been an explosion in commercial smallsat constellations that has created a whole new business area, which very aligns with what we want to do,” Sarah Parker, SSTL’s managing director, told SpaceNews. “The U.S. is still a key market, but we’ve reached a conclusion that we need a different organizational set up than we’ve had in the previous years.”


On a recent episode of the TMRO.TV webcast program, Marshall Culpepper, the CEO & Co-founder of KubOS, talked “about their operating system for CubeSats and how they are helping to spur the growth of the CubeSat market”.

Note that back in April Culpepper announced that KubOS had raised $1.65M in a funding round “led by the visionary Tim Draper of Draper Associates to expand the reach of our flight software, and to expand Kubos software platform this year with two new products”: Eating Space with Software – Kubos Tech – Medium.

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