Misc: More on Moon water + LeoLabs expanding LEO tracking network + Nova Scotia spaceport delay

August 28, 2018
NewSpace Watch
August 28, 2018

A couple of articles about the benefits of water on the Moon for future human activities there:


LeoLabs will use $13M in new funding from Airbus and others to expand its network of radar stations to improve tracking of objects in earth orbit: Airbus venture arm backing LeoLabs to build the ‘Google Maps’ of satellites – CNBC

LeoLabs wants to offer a new infrastructure of equipment and software to track more objects in orbit around the Earth.

LeoLabs sees three potential customer groups in the space industry: Satellite companies, public agencies and insurers.


Groundbreaking for the construction of a spaceport on the coast of Nova Scotia will have to wait for further studies: Maritime Launch Services Construction Will be Delayed at Least Until Spring of 2019 – SpaceQ

The government of Nova Scotia did not approve or reject the Maritime Launch Services(MLS) Environmental Assessment report in its decision yesterday. Instead, it’s asking MLS for more information in the form of a “focus report.”

The decision is one that MLS knew could happen. It will certainly delay their plans, at least until next spring.

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