Misc: Jeff Bezos at USAF conference + NASA NextSTEP commercial deep space habitats + Space insurance

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September 19, 2018

Jeff Bezos talked Wednesday at a USAF event in D.C. See the video at Air Force Association Air Space Cyber Conference Day 3 Part 5, Sep 19 2018 – C-SPAN.

He talked mostly about general topics such as encouraging the Air Force to seek innovation, which means embracing experimentation and the failures of tests involved in experimentation.

He talked about Blue Origin’s projects starting around 39 minutes into the video. Some notes posted about his comments:

  • People will be going into space on the New Shepard in the coming year.
  • Loren Grush on Twitter: “Bezos on New Shepard: We don’t take the vehicle apart, we just fly it over and over. There has to be real operational reusability (wonder if there’s some shade there)”
  • Loren Grush on Twitter: “Jeff Bezos at #ASC2018: To maintain space dominance, you have to go to space more frequently with less lead time”
  • Eric Berger on Twitter: “Bezos says he also has invested $1 billion in facilities in Florida at the space coast, including rocket factory and launch pad.”
  • Eric Berger on Twitter: “Bezos says he will invest “just over” $1 billion in the New Glenn program next year.”


A review of NASA’s commercial deep space habitat program and the designs that the participating companies are developing: NASA photos: Inside a deep space habitat to take astronauts to Mars – CNBC

The partnership between the public companies and NASA is called NextSTEP and aims to support “commercial development of deep space exploration capabilities to support more extensive human spaceflight missions in and beyond cislunar space —the space near Earth that extends just beyond the Moon,” NASA says.

One of the specific projects for NextSTEP is habitation systems, which “provide a safe place for humans to live as we move beyond Earth on our Journey to Mars,” NASA says.


A discussion of the role of insurance in the space business: Why on Earth would a company offer insurance for space travel? – CNN.

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