Misc: Interview with Robert Hoyt of Tethers Unlimited + More on CCP status + OneWeb launch slips a month or so

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August 29, 2018

Dr. Robert Hoyt of Tethers Unlimited was interviewed by David Livingston this week: The Space Show – Tue, 08/28/2018

He spoke about “tethers for space including manned spaceflight plus many other leading edge space technologies such as software defined radios, water for propulsion fueled thrusters and much more”.

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More about this week’s update on the Commercial Crew Program during the NASA Advisory Committee meeting: NAC provides Starliner, Dragon 2 update – Commercial Crew preps entering final leg to launch – NASASpaceFlight.com.


The launch of the first 10 OneWeb broadband satellites on a Soyuz rocket will probably slip a month or two: OneWeb, Arianespace target December-February for first Soyuz launch – SpaceNews.com

Wyler dismissed reports in Russian media that setbacks with the satellites, each weighing 145 kilograms and carrying 10 gigabits per second of capacity, were reason for the delay.

“The satellites are ready,” he said. “OneWeb is ready.”

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