Misc: Final Frontiers Design update + George Sowers & the case for space resources + Mars health challenges

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August 10, 2017

Here’s an update from space suit maker Final Frontier Design on various projects in which they are involved: Final Frontier Design: Latest News – Summer 2017.

One of the projects is with Starfighters Aerospace, which operates a fleet of 9 Lockheed Starfighter F-104 aircraft from the Shuttle Landing Facility at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC).

The F-104 is truly a unique and amazing vehicle, capable of cruising at speeds of Mach 2.2 and reaching over 100,000 ft in altitude. In their zoom maneuver, the vehicle can achieve more than 2 minutes of weightlessness. However, many of these unique vehicle characteristics are only possible at high altitudes, requiring the use of a space suit for these flights. For this reason, the F-104 as it operates now cannot exceed 50,000 ft. safely.

Enter FFD’s space suit. With a redundant pressure layer for emergency operations above 50,000 ft, the F-104 could finally realize its full operational potential! We are excited to be working with Starfighters to bring this dream to reality.


George Sowers, former Chief Scientist for ULA, posts the slides from a presentation he recently gave at the Colorado School of Mines: The Case for Space Resources – Mad Scientist Musings.

A sampling:

The Cislunar Economy

Cislunar Econosphere

The business case



Meanwhile, Mars continues to pull on the hearts of many and when a colon is one day set up there, they will have a range of health issues to deal with: Planning for health, sex and sleep on a future Mars colony – Room: The Space Journal.

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