Misc: Blue Origin buys another large ship + The story of getting TESS to space + Commercial Crew needed for ISS research

NewSpace Watch
September 26, 2018

In addition to the ship for the New Glenn first stage to land upon, Blue Origin has bought another large ship apparently for transporting rockets from the factory at the Cape to Vandenberg for polar launches:


NASA released a video giving a behind the scenes view of how the TESS exoplanet observatory (built by Orbital ATK, now Northrop) got from the factory in Virginia to the Cape and then to space: SpaceX’s last Falcon 9 Block 4 launch showcased in NASA’s behind-the-scenes recap – Teslarati


The commercial crew transports are needed to support research on the ISS:

Boeing and SpaceX are getting ready to launch astronauts from U.S. soil, but getting off the ground is just the beginning. Once they arrive at the International Space Station, astronauts will be working on research to improve life on Earth, and help us send humans into deep space—farther than ever before.

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