Misc: Asgardia has its first “territory” in orbit + Space fashion + History of spacesuits

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December 9, 2017

One of the satellites deployed by NanoRacks this week from the Cygnus cargo vehicle was Asgardia-1, which is owned by Asgardia – “The Space Nation”. Asgardia is an organization planning to establish an independent country in space: Asgardia nation deploys its first satellite, claims territory in space – Business Insider.

Asgardia-1 smallsat

The organization, which currently has over 155,000 members, claims the satellite represents its first territory in space: Asgardia Becomes The First Nation With A Territory In Space – Asgardia

Asgardia-1 has been deployed into low earth orbit from the Cygnus OA-08 vehicle, just a few hours after its release from the International Space Station. Thirty minutes after its deployment, data transfer took place, thus laying the foundation for Asgardia’s permanent presence in space and the creation of an orbital satellite cluster of our space kingdom!

The satellite contains the Constitution, national symbols, other governmental documents and the files of Asgardian citizens.

We congratulate all Asgardians with this historic event!

However, space lawyers say Asgardia will need a lot more that a smallsat in space to claim nationhood:

But the biggest problem for Asgardian sovereignty, [Frans von der Dunk, a professor of space law at Nebraska College of Law,] said, is the lack of a permanent population in space. Even then it’s a stretch, he said, citing several examples of nations, including Palestine and Taiwan, which have territory and a large permanent population, yet lack a functional government — and thus aren’t recognized as states. (Legal experts also see other issues beyond Asgardia’s territorial claims and statehood, as Motherboard previously reported.)


The Asgardians may want a look to match their space aspirations. Sprayground has a new line of clothes endorsed by Buzz: Why Is Fashion Having an Astral Moment? – The New York Times

Sprayground space inspired fashions.


For more demanding space activities, there are spacesuits: Fashion on the final frontier: The story of the spacesuit – NewAtlas.

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