Launch: Update on VALT hypersonic smallsat launcher + B2Space balloon-launch system

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July 18, 2017

On The Space Show on Monday, Karl Hoose and Elise McGill of VALT Enterprises talked about the company and its efforts to develop a commercial ramjet/scramjet type of hypersonic smallsat launcher. They discussed “hypersonic flight history, testing, & flights, small launchers, buying your own specific ride, lowering space access costs, smallsats”.

Listen to the audio (mp3).

VALT Enterprises hypersonic launcher


B2Space is a UK startup founded in 2016 that is developing a launch system that will use a high altitude balloon to carry a 3-stage rocket with a smallsat payload to 35 km before firing its engine. The goal is to put up to 150kg into low earth orbit:

This rockoon approach is similar to Zero2Infinity‘s BlooStar launch system.

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