Launch: Interstellar Tech unsure what caused MOMO launch failure + Relativity Space testing 3D printed engine

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June 30, 2018

Interstellar Technologies Inc has begun trying to figure out what happened to the first stage engine on the MOMO 2 rocket that failed seconds after liftoff on Saturday: Privately developed Japanese rocket fails shortly after liftoff – The Mainichi.

The company was founded in 2013 by Takafumi Horie, who had made a fortune from the sale of the web design and Internet portal Livedoor Co. The initial response was muted but it appears they will make another launch attempt:

“I could not immediately understand what happened,” Interstellar Technologies President Takahiro Inagawa told a press conference, while venture founder Horie called it “an unprecedented failure.”

“We could not accomplish what we were expected to do. I feel sorry for that,” Inagawa said.

While noting that nothing has been decided regarding another launch, he said, “I feel that I would like to keep giving it a shot.”

Horie also showed willingness to make another attempt, saying, “We have to find ways to improve” ahead of the launch of a third rocket.


Meanwhile, Relativity Space appears to be making good progress on development of 3D printed engines – Relativity Space on Twitter:

“Our #3dprinted #Aeon1 engine uses liquid oxygen & methane fuel propellants to produce over 20,000 lbs of thrust. Only 3 parts used to construct the engine combustion core versus over 2,700 traditionally. #AutomateTheFuture”

Relativity Space engine test

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