Kubos releases “Major Tom” – ground control software for smallsat missions

August 7, 2017

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August 7, 2017

An announcement from Kubos:

Kubos launches Major Tom:

Ground Control for a New Generation of Spacecraft

Major Tom is a cloud-based mission operations console

that makes ground control simple.

Kubos announced the release of their Major Tom platform, a cloud-based mission control software system designed to simplify and streamline the operations of small spacecraft. As a complement to the recently released, open-source KubOS 1.0 operating system, Major Tom provides an unparalleled user experience for the spacecraft operator.

“We’re creating a world where you can operate your small satellite from your web browser or iPhone,” commented Marshall Culpepper, chief executive of Kubos. “Finally, spacecraft operations software has caught up with the 21st century.”

With the addition of the Major Tom ground control solution, Kubos now offers a complete software suite that provides end-to-end mission support for small satellite programs of any size, from a single cubesat to an entire constellation of satellites. The ground control software includes a customizable dashboard that displays spacecraft telemetry, a manageable job queue, file upload and download, direct shell access, and customized controls that are most important to each mission and it’s operator. The cloud-based system is compatible with a range of ground station network providers, and can also run on-premise, integrated with a range of COTS ground station solutions.

Major Tom is positioned to redefine mission operations in the small satellite industry. By incorporating Major Tom during satellite development, teams can use the same tools, workflow, and processes during both operations and development. With one software solution, engineers can be easily cross-trained which drastically lower costs and increased efficiency.

Want to learn more about Major Tom? Visit the Kubos team at the Small Satellite Conference this week in Logan, Utah. Click here to schedule a demo during the conference, or you can sign up to receive a demo online by visiting the Kubos website. http://www.kubos.com/majortom/.

About Kubos: Kubos is bringing the software revolution to space, one small satellite at a time. Satellite software development today is an outdated and broken process, and we’re determined to make it better, faster, and more productive than ever. Kubos will de-risk your mission with space-grade software and savvy, ongoing support that’s available when you need it. www.kubos.com

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