Investment: Kleos Space raises $8M + Morgan Stanley tells clients to consider space venture investments

August 24, 2018
NewSpace Watch
August 24, 2018

Luxembourg’s Kleos Space S.A., has raised $8M: Luxembourg’s Kleos Space raises $8 million, stock trades in Australia –

Like Hawkeye 360, Kleos is developing a constellation of radio signal detection satellites:

By launching a single satellite system in 2019 followed by launching a constellation of 20 radio data collection spacecraft systems. Each satellite system separates receiving antenna by enough distance in order to record a time difference of arrival of the signal from the ground and by doing so we are able to accurately locate the source of the radio signal

The company sees a number of applications and customers for such a service:

Kleos is offering a remarkable shift in global geo-located intelligence gathering capability from Space. We are able to ‘listen’ and ‘locate’ radio signals from, for example; Satphone, Mobile Phone, Maritime VHF, Ships of undesirable users such as; drugs/people smugglers, terrorists, pirates, illegal fishermen and also from those in need of search and rescue.

Kleos data will be provided to users for whom information, intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR) superiority is absolutely essential for success in dealing with increasingly complex threats and emergencies, driving the need for quality geospatial intelligence & signals intelligence. This is not a ‘nice to have’, but a ‘must-have’ capability.


Morgan-Stanley is bullish on space:

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