Hi-Alt: World View/KFC Stratollite countdown to Thursday flight + JP Aerospace aiming high with big airship

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June 21, 2017

As announced last week, the first multi-day flight test of World View‘s Stratollite high altitude module is sponsored by KFC. The latter company has set up a spiffy site with a humorous tongue-in-cheeky tone to provide a countdown and updates during the mission: KFC – Zinger 1 space mission.

Here’s a note sent out by World View CEO Jane Poynter:

Just a quick update for those interested in tuning in to the live broadcast of our upcoming Stratollite launch. Weather conditions are now looking good for launch the morning of this Thursday, 6/22. As you know, KFC (yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken… which is still funny to say) is sponsoring this mission, so they’ll be running the live broadcast feed and narration. Enjoy it and take the commentary with a fun grain of salt. But, visually speaking, this will be a fantastic opportunity for you to witness our launch operation in real time. The final timing for launch is TBD, but the live feed will start somewhere between 3:45am – 4:45am PT (for all you early birds). Keep an eye on our facebook and twitter pages for real-time updates on launch timing. And save this URL, as this is where KFC will be hosting the live broadcast feed: https://yesweareactuallysendingachickensandwichto.space/.

How fun!


JP Aerospace, a hybrid for-profit company and volunteer organization, has been flying high-altitude balloons and airships for decades. They are currently testing the ninth version of their big Ascender V-shaped airships: Ascender 9 Inflation Test – JP Aerospace

Inflation test of Ascender 9

Top view of Ascender 9

Ascender 36 test flight.

A test flight in 2016 of a smaller Ascender.

John Powell and his team want to go a lot higher and faster than other airships: Can Giant Airships Accelerate To Orbit (JP Aerospace’s Idea)? | Science 2.0.

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