Comments from the National Academies Space Studies Board meeting

April 4, 2013
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April 4, 2013

Jeff Foust on Twitter is posting from a meeting today of the National Academies Space Studies Board in D.C.

Charles Bolden spoke earlier on. A sampling of Jeff’s posts:

  • Bolden: given the budget we have in place, with sequestration cannot meet 2017 goal of beginning comm’l crew services to ISS.
  • Bolden emphasizes NASA’s new space tech mission directorate will support NASA mission needs; not “a self-licking ice cream cone.”
  • Bolden: NASA happy to be part of another country’s human lunar mission plans, but NASA will not take the lead for such a mission.
  • Bolden: know many in this room did not support comm’l cargo delivery to the ISS, but it works, and costs less than operating the shuttle.
  • Bolden: in the short term probably cheaper to keep paying Russians for ISS crew access, but bad long-term investment for the nation.
  • Bolden: want NASA workforce to take more risks. Notes, for example, no failures in 1st year of agency’s gamechanging tech program.
  • Bolden: if we can’t accept a loss of a mission every now and then, we shouldn’t be in this business.

And these from Steve Sqyures:

  • Squyres: concerned low SLS/Orion flight rate makes it difficult to maintain momentum and proficiency; also, lack of h/w for destinations.
  • Squyres: SLS is terrific, Orion is terrific, but NASA is being told to go to places without the additional hardware needed to do so.
  • Sqyures: NASA needs a compelling and clearly articulated goal for future human spaceflight that is consistent with its budget.

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