Blue Origin: First occupied New Shepard flight slips to early 2019 + Amazon Web Services working on a space project

September 12, 2018
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September 12, 2018

From the World Satellite Business Week conference underway in Paris comes word that the first Blue Origin New Shepard flight with a person on board is now set for early 2019 rather than late 2018:

Amazon Web Services is apparently developing some sort of cloud services project in support of space operations: ​Beyond the cloud: Amazon Web Services hiring engineers for ‘big, audacious space project’ – GeekWire

TJI Research spotted the listings, which called for a software engineer and product manager to “to help innovate and disrupt the launch, satellite and space world with new AWS products, services and features,” according to one of the job ads, for “a new AWS service that will have a historic impact.” The ad for the engineer said it was recruiting “software development experts who want to be part of a big, audacious space project!”

And the ad for product manager described the mission as such:

These products will provide high bandwidth and low latency solutions for networking launch vehicles, aggregating satellite systems, inter-connecting space system networks, and enabling management and monitoring of all satellite control network devices and critical data center infrastructure. As a leader within this new business line, you’ll join other thought leaders to work hard, have fun, and make history building new space services.

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