B2Space to partner with RUAG on Calibri launch system

July 18, 2018
NewSpace Watch
July 18, 2018

B2Space is a UK based smallsat launch venture that intends to use a high-altitude balloon as a platform to launch its rocket (i.e. the “rockoon” approach). This week the company announced a collaboration with the Swiss company RUAG, which is know for building composite fairings that protect satellites in the nosecones of rockets.

The company also release a video showing a balloon flight test:

  • B2Space on Twitter: “Balloon launch test from Llanbedr, with the support of Snowdonia Aerospace Centre. This testing campaign aim to collect key data to demonstrate the viability of B2Space operations. Great success and perfect performance! Also collected this stunning view”

Here is a video from 2017 showing the B2Space launch system design:

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