Die Himmelsstürmer

"If SpaceX can launch at less than $1,000 per pound to LEO, this will attract a whole new wave of customers."

'Roid Rage

"[NSG] estimates that the annual worldwide revenue of NewSpace ventures is between $5 billion and $10 billion, and predicts that there will be ten thousand NewSpace companies created in the next ten years."

Conquest of space: competition intensifies between Blue Origin and SpaceX

"To achieve its goal of sending thousands of people to space, [Blue Origin] needs another source of capital. If [Bezos] does not get it from the government, he'll find it in the market."

Space — the final frontier for investors

"New space is entrepreneurial, it’s about reducing costs and trying to do things in a more enterprising fashion — it requires innovative thinking."

Lockheed/SpaceX Spectrum Clash Could Be Prelude to Bigger Launch Industry Fight

"Fast forward maybe five years, if the FCC hasn’t made any significant changes ... you might see a conglomerate of companies lobbying"

SpaceX plans to fly private astronauts round the moon

"I’m wondering how they’re about to go from having yet to get anyone to the International Space Station to sending two astronauts around the moon. [Musk] has never been afraid to announce deadlines and miss them."

2020: A Space Station Odyssey

"The market in space real estate is just waiting to be captured. The arrival of space hotels and factories is long overdue; we expected a lot more companies would emerge to take advantage of low earth orbit."

Houston, wir haben eine Vision! Wie Startups den Weltraum erobern

"More than 1,000 commercial space companies are already active in the market...by the year 2026 it should be 10,000."