NewSpace Global (“NSG”) provides accurate, timely, critical information on the NewSpace industry to our customers so they can make better informed decisions. Since NSG launched in 2011, we have functioned under the assumption that the commercialization of space is the great innovation economy of our time. When we began several years ago, we set out to fill a specific void in the marketplace: i.e. to provide financially-focused analysis on all for-profit companies seeking to commercialize space. While we provide industry and specific market or sub-market analysis, our focus has always been upon the individual companies first. For we know that it is the individual companies that make up the markets that compose the industry.

NSG Analysts, researchers and content producers examine some of the world’s most complex and challenging technical hurdles to overcome. However, we spend just as much time examining the “other three screens,” historically neglected in this industry. That is, management (1st Screen), market (2nd Screen) and capitalization (3rd Screen). For we at NSG know that the world’s most successful companies excel based on a strategic balance across all 4 Screens.

  • Size: We at NSG know that our customers appreciate our inclusive approach so they can learn about the garage or university born start-ups as well as those typically larger publicly traded companies. Whether a privately-held start-up or a NYSE-listed Fortune 500, so long as we know the company is working to commercialize space, we will track it.
  • Location: We named our company “NewSpace Global” for good reason: while much of the entrepreneurial activity today is occurring within North America, there is an increasing number of companies, investors, universities and government agencies throughout the world seeking to tap into this nascent but rapidly growing industry. We currently track companies in nearly every continent in the world.
  • Business model: We believe that regardless of the company’s business model -- whether it focuses on the existing multi-billion dollar satellite market or on the more ambitious plan to generate revenue beyond geosynchronous orbit -- we will track the company.

Our company philosophy is that the importance of providing quality analysis and data on the NewSpace industry cannot be overstated. It is our belief that through our dedicated team, efficient processes, and proprietary tools, we can provide decision makers with the information they require to benefit from this rapidly growing industry.