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While we retool the website, we've just launched a new report, Cislunar Market Opportunities, In-Space Business Within the Earth-Moon System.
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Cislunar Report

A comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for gaining insights into startups and major players, increasing competitive intelligence, predicting markets, and discovering new opportunities and technologies.

About NewSpace

NewSpace is a global industry of private and public companies seeking to profit from innovative products or services developed for or in space that primarily targets commercial customers and are backed by risk capital seeking a return.

The Great Innovation Economy

There are currently over 1,000 companies worldwide working to create the rapidly growing NewSpace economy. What was once dominated by only a few players is now a diverse ecosystem of businesses both large and small and emerging opportunities across multiple sectors. Today, NewSpace is poised to fundamentally change what we can do in space and in the process open commercial possibilities of unprecedented magnitude.

Empowering Today’s
Space Leaders

NSG provides unparalleled market intelligence to stakeholders at every level including seasoned industry executives, academic libraries, heads of state, financial professionals, and investors.

The Value

NSG Subscriber Benefits

  • Identify New Markets, Technologies, and Startups

    Discover new sectors, technologies, and companies in real time through NewSpace Watch™ and explore trending opportunities through products such as the NewSpace Global Deep Dive Reports.™

  • Boost Business Development and Sales Opportunities

    Identify and cultivate new clients with key insights provided by NSG’s global market-tracking tools.

  • Assess Company and Market Viability

    NSG Observer™ provides a unique visual interface for quantitative determination of company and market viability.

  • Bolster Academic and Professional Research

    Break away from stale rhetoric with real insights from NSG’s library of 25,000+ articles extending back to the dawn of NewSpace era.

  • Power Corporate Strategy

    NSG Subscribers benefit from key insights provided by products such as the NewSpace Global Deep Dive Reports™.

  • Increase Competitive Edge

    Gain insights into a constantly shifting market through exclusive access to the industry’s leading database featuring profiles of 1000+ NewSpace companies.

  • Predict Markets

    Forecast market direction through unparalleled industry analysis with products such as the NewSpace Global SmallSat Reports™.

  • Track Capital Flow

    Follow critical investment activity through the NewSpace Global Investor Reports™.

Our Technology

NSG’s Analysis Suite

NSG Indices™ + NSG Observer™

A virtual stock market powered by NSG’s proprietary ranking technology featuring hard-to-obtain details about major players and startups both public and private.

AI-powered NewSpace Watch™

Real-time, comprehensive market news from around the world.

Interactive Deep Dive Reports™

Exquisite quantitative characterization of cutting-edge market opportunities.

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