Why are space companies flocking to Colorado?

"Without a doubt, Colorado is one of the leading areas in the U.S., if not the world, in attracting NewSpace tenants."

America's weapon in the US-Russia space war

"Generally speaking, SpaceX is No. 1 [on the NSG 100] because it builds on the principles that define the NewSpace industry... It targets a diverse customer base from commercial satellite companies to NASA to universities to smaller companies. It lives and breathes on taking innovative products to market."

When It Comes to Space Travel, Things Are Looking Up

The [NewSpace] industry is growing so fast that one new company's sole task is to track all the other NewSpace companies. NewSpace Global ranks what they call the NSG 100 top privately held NewSpace companies. They also track publicly held companies that have an interest in NewSpace, some of which are quite surprising...

Dauria, Elecnor To Offer New Earth Imagery Provider Constellation

[The NewSpace Global 2014 SmallSat Report] projects that 10 to 20 percent of the $500 million to $1 billion in revenue forecast for small-satellite firms in 2014 stems from Earth observation products and services. NewSpace Global analysts expect that market to continue to grow 25 percent per year in the next several years, said Richard David, NewSpace Global chief executive.

Richard M. Rocket, CEO of NewSpace Global, spoke at Rice University

The Small Satellite Market Takes Off

“Based on our analysis, the satellite sector is the number one market for players in the NewSpace industry, far ahead of launch providers or human space transport. We estimate this market at approximately $200 billion.”

Russian Venture with Big Vision

"There's a geographic strategy behind [Dauria Aerospace]. Each one of its locations has potential benefits: to reach markets, technology, launch services, engineers, investors."