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Two crashes pose questions for companies in space

"Incidents such as both of these are indeed lamentable, but they are absolutely unavoidable as part of the necessary test process to reach the goal of safe, reliable, potentially affordable reusable launch vehicles and access to space"

Richard M. Rocket, CEO of NewSpace Global, spoke at XTalks

Microgravity manufacturing — the next frontier

"Of the 800 or so companies that our analysts track globally, very few are targeting microgravity research and manufacturing. That’s still a very nascent market today, but we expect it to grow over the next several years."

Why billionaires are launching into space

"Billionaires didn’t become billionaires by making bad decisions."

Masten Space: from start-up to serious player

"Masten has great potential and has pushed the notion of what is possible with reusable launch vehicles."

An aggressive SpaceX puts commercial space rivals on notice

"NSG analysts track around 700 companies worldwide, and it’s not just about SpaceX and its European launch competitors. But SpaceX is ranked number one for a reason."

How the SpaceX economy can make you money

"…from large publicly traded companies to nimble start-ups, there have never been more (or better) opportunities to invest in the future of space."