Space Revolution Hatching in a New Zealand Paddock

"The top 100 NewSpace companies received nearly $2 billion in investment in 2015, around four times more than in 2009."

Microsatellies' Loom Large in Next-Gen Space Exploration

"We expect there to be a launch every week of the year in the U.S. alone not long from now."

Space Advocate Makes Business Case For Private Company Exploration Of Extraterrestrial Resources

"Investors continue to fund private-sector space operations. In the past 10 years, the industry has received more than $10 billion in private funding, according to NewSpace Global, an industry research group."

Utilizing Commercial Best Practices for Success in NewSpace

"When NewSpace Global started in 2011, it was tracking about 125 companies. NewSpace Global now tracks well over 800 companies."

Galactic Explorers Aren't the Only Ones Investing in Space

"Earth imaging customers are in the agricultural, mining, real estate, oil and gas and other sectors... These are all established industries that are relying heavily on satellites to increase profitability."

Here's Why Small Satellites are so Big Right Now

"Those Fortune 500s today who ignore what smallsats are doing (i.e. earth imaging, providing communications or Internet services) they’re going to be on the wrong end of financial evolution in the next decade. The number of Fortune 500s that are putting money into small satellites—it’s not an alarming rate, it’s not irrational exuberance, but it’s an increasing rate that we expect to continue."

What SpaceX's Launch Failure Means for the Private Space Industry

"We need to have SpaceX and we need to have competitors to SpaceX launching regularly. Once a month isn't going to cut it."

Demand is Growing to Achieve Orbit

"The significant sums of investment going into small satellites and the generally increasing demand to reach orbit will continue to support SpaceX's business model."