Startup Profile: Kepler Communications Aims to Build a Commercial Space Network to Keep Satellites in Touch

"[NewSpace Global] tracks more than 1,000 private space companies and expects that number to reach 10,000 over the next decade."

Why This Former NASA Exec Is Building a Private Space Station

"NewSpace Global estimates that the number of companies commercializing space grew from approximately 125 in 2011 to over 1000 today."

Elon Musk’s Secret Behind SpaceX’s Million-Dollar Success

"You cannot change the world the way SpaceX is trying to without having significant challenges. This is all part of the plan, not to experience launch failures, but to push things forward through iteration and innovation."

Is this the year Elon Musk's SpaceX fortunes will lift off?

"We've got some pretty interesting players out there that are pushing SpaceX to be even more assertive with launch. We're talking about Blue Origin, obviously; we're talking about ULA. Airbus is very interested in figuring out how they can potentially build a successful, reusable launch vehicle that can compete directly with SpaceX. And you're seeing some other new entrants that could potentially cut into SpaceX's business."

The Next Frontier For Ambitious Entrepreneurs: Space

"We expect to be at 10,000 companies commercializing space in the next 10 years."

International Space Station to Expand with Inflatable Spacecraft

“Government agencies and companies will be watching BEAM’s performance closely…Drug companies might be interested in expandable modules as a place to do research, while nations without access to the space station may see them as a cheaper toehold in orbit.”

SpaceX Success Launches Space Startups to New Heights

"Investors are now starting to ask the question of 'Where is the next SpaceX?'"

Musk Squares Off With Bezos in Space Billionaires' Twitter Feud

"[Blue Origin's launch] is a major breakthrough for the commercialization of space...this proves that a privately funded company can send a rocket to space and back in one piece, this is a critical part of lowering launch costs and opening up space access.”