A new space race: Companies vie to haul cargo, passengers

"More companies are getting private funding and not having to rely exclusively or predominately on NASA. If they don't stop that reliance, then they position themselves for some serious challenges."

Printing Solutions in Outer Space

"Were companies able to launch the equipment - 3D printers - into space that could manufacture tools, equipment and even scaled up habitable structures, instead of sending humans, this would have greatly reduced the cost."

Anton Kreil, Ex-Goldman Sachs Trader, Hopes To Become First Man To Make Trade In Space

"Space is such a booming industry that it even has its own index, NewSpace Global, according to CNBC."

The Space Show

"Not even the world's strongest army can stop an idea whose time has come."

Group Raising Funds for Telescope To Detect Deadly Asteroids

"[The Sentinel mission is] a very exciting concept because the return on investment will be saving the species...[but] will require significant marketing and education to convince donors and the public that Earth may soon be threatened by an incoming asteroid."