The Commercial Space Race

"Research firm NewSpace Global['s]... index rose by almost 5 percent in 2012..."

SharesPost Adds Arcstone Equity Research and NewSpace Global as Research Providers

"We are pleased to now offer research from Arcstone and NewSpace Global, two high quality providers with substantial experience in evaluating the prospects for emerging growth companies."

La promesse d’un espace bientôt accessible à tous

"To see growth in this area, to change the way these technologies are funded we need more private investors, like we did at the beginning of the Internet or the biotechnology industry."

Space: the next frontier for investing

"In every hi-tech sector there is volatility, but over the next five to 10 years significant wealth will be created in the NewSpace industry. The key for investors is to make sure they are very informed and invest in companies which have a viable product that will have value to customers – not merely an impressive gimmick."

Private moon mission rumour is glimpse of lunar future

The Space Race

"This is a nascent industry. As with any high-tech industry there is great risk, but also great reward."